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Surfski Ocean Kayaking - Nobbys (NSW)

Posted by Kesley Kernes on

Nobbys has a great selection of Surf Ski options.

Starting a paddle from the Nobbys Surf Club Boatshed gives you so many awesome paddling options. From a 10km paddle around Stockton Bridge, to heading up past Honeysuckle to Carrington Boatsheds which is often a calm smooth paddle, to paddling out the harbour to catch runners along Stockton Beach, to charging past Nobbys Beach to Merewether Beach, if you're looking to get out of the shore breeze.

On Friday morning we charged out of the barbour, into the turbulent open ocean where we smashed through waves to make it to the backline of Nobbys. Here practiced a few wave catching drills before we paddled past Newcastle Baths and Newcastle Beach to the Bogey Hole where we spun round and paddled back to Nobby's.

It was an awesome morning out, pumping through epic waves, and smashing our way through the staunch shore breach and turbulent ocean.

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