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Why should I buy a Drone Carry Case or Protective Backpack?

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It’s exciting times... you're either thinking of or have just purchased a drone. Now it’s time to get out there, get in the air and have some fun, get those epic shots and develop your drone flying skills.

One thing to consider is that as excited as you are now, that excitement could turn to extreme dismay if you bang, drop or crush your drone in the process of your day to day life.

Drone bag

The number of phone calls, emails and general queries we receive regarding drone maintenance and repairs is staggering, and a fairly large number comes from guys (and galls) who didn't even have their drone in the air. 

The stories range from, "the baby fell on the drone", clumsy kids running around the house kicked the drone", "found the dog chewing on the drone", “grandma sat on my drone”, "hit the brakes while driving and the drone"... well you can finish the story, and there are many more life that!

The bottom line is drones are built to fly, take pristine photos, give you a sense of fun and enjoyment… and every moment a drone is on the ground, it’s almost like it is hunting for something to happen to it.

That is why buying a case or backpack is recommended. Pretention of your pride and joy, your investment, whatever you call it, it's just that peace of mind knowing that your action gear is safe, its altogether and ready to go when that moment comes to get out there and have some fun.

Protective cases and backpacks vary greatly, from your cheaper casing to your more expensive drone case versions which you will feel in the case stitching, quality of componentry, foam density and protective outer shell. All drone cases and backpacks protect, just some will last longer than others. 

Action Gear Australia - Drone Hard Carry CaseNow, you may be asking yourself, “Why should I buy a drone backpack or protective drone case when the case that comes with the drone is perfectly adequate?” The answer is, “you don’t.” It all depends on the way you are going to use your drone and your desire to protect your investment. If you are a going to fly your drone every odd weekend and have a safe place to store your drone, stick with the standard case. However, if you are going to do some travelling, get out into nature, walk some distances, capture some epic shots, or use it for work purposes, then a drone backpack or case will make carrying and protecting your drone the right decision.A recommendation, go middle of the range and higher when buying a backpack or case. Don't waste your time going cheap and risk the case breaking so that your drone is exposed to the risk of breakage. It’s just not worth it!

It’s totally up to you, and if you decide to pick up a drone backpack or drone carry case, then Action Gear Australia has a great range of drone back packs and drone hard cases for you, plus we have a massive arrange of drone accessories, simply navigate on our website to the drone you have interest in, and there will be a drone case, backpack and drone accessories for you to select from. If what you are looking for isn’t there, contact us via our contact page or Facebook massager on the bottom right corner of the page and we will see what we can do to help you.  

That's all for now. Enjoy getting out there, playing full out and getting those epic shots! Keep safe and keep your gear safe... it will make sure that smile stays on your face :)


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