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Drone Repair FAQs and Warranty Terms


Q. What can help my claim to prove the job is a warranty job?  

A. If there is a drone error, the best thing to do is to run the camera from the time you take off to the time you land. Not having video evidence of the flight incident is extremely difficult to prove product failure.

Alternatively, use your phone camera to film the drone error, battery error or any other error. Make sure you talk through the error so the vocal description on the video describes exactly what the problem/ error is.

Provide photo’s of the serial number/s and purchase invoice/s..

Get to know your rights by visiting the ACCC Website for more information regarding warranties. The onus is on you to provide proof that the goods were not fit for use at the time of failure. When this is proven the warranty process is very straight forward, but time consuming. Your local retailer or DJI will provide information on how to proceed with a warranty claim.

Q. How much does it cost for this service?

A. There is different pricing for priority customers and other customers (please see fee structure above). Customer fees are $55 (Phantom range) or $99 (Inspire range) upfront diagnostic assessment fee. After that should you wish to proceed, a quote will be issued for you to sign. If you don’t wish to proceed, we will ship the drone back to you at your expense. We charge an hourly rate of $135/HR.

 If your repair is a warranty job, you may still be responsible for the shipping.

Q. How long will it take?

A. We aim to have a turn around time between 14 - 21 days, but timelines may vary according to whether you are a priority customer, repair complexity and parts availability. If the work is a warranty job and needs to go back to DJI, it make take up to 9 weeks for DJI to assess / fix or replace your goods.

Q. Do you do warranty repairs if bought from another company?

A. Our priority customers (customers that purchased their UAV Drone from Action Gear Australia) will receive full support and help throughout the warrantee process, and will be assisted first.

If you purchased else where and have a warranty claim, you will have to deal with your local retailer or DJI directly. This can take up to 9 weeks.

If you have warranty repair authorisation form a retailer, distributor, or DJI, then we’ll process your repairs and will charge our normal rates and processing fees.

Q. Who pays for shipping?
A. You will need to get the goods to us. Once We’ve received and completed the estimate a returning shipping charge will be added to the quote for you to sign off on. We will use the cost cost effective means to return the goods. If you want it sooner that is viable through our agent we do offer express shipping at a higher cost to you.


Warranty Terms and Conditions

1. The following conditions must be met for warranty service:

  1. During warranty period, product is normally used, as intended by the manufacturer;
  2. No unauthorised disassembling, modifications or installations have been performed;
  3. Labels, Serial Numbers, waterproof marks, false proof mark, etc. show no signs of tampering or altering;
  4. Valid proof-of-purchase, receipt or order number.
2. Following conditions are NOT subject to warranty service:
  1. Crashing or burning caused by non-manufacturing factors;
  2. Damage caused by unauthorised modifications, disassembling or shell opening;
  3. Damage caused by improper installations, or incorrect use of operation despite of the guidance of manuals;
  4. Damage caused by unauthorised modification or circuit, mismatch or misuse of battery and charger;
  5. Damage caused by any flight which didn’t follow the instructions of the manuals;
  6. Damage caused by operation in bad weather (i.E. strong wind, rain, sand/dust storm, etc.);
  7. Damage cased by operating the unit in an electromagnetic interference environment (i.e. mining area, radio transmitting tower, high-voltage wire, substation, etc.);
  8. Damage cause by operating the unit in a known environment with interference with other with other wireless devices (i.e. transmitters, video-link, Wi-Fi signals, etc.);
  9. Damage caused by operating the unit with a weight greater than safe takeoff weight;
  10. Damage caused by forced flight when components have been aged or damaged;
  11. Damage caused by reliability or compatibility issues when using unauthenticated their-party parts;
  12. Damage caused by operating the unit with a low charged or defective battery.

3. Warranty period for Phantom Series:

Mavic Pro


Phantom 4

Phantom 3 Professional

Phantom 3 Advanced

Phantom 3 Standard

Phantom 2 Vision +

Phantom 2 Vision

Phantom 2

Phantom FC40

Phantom 1

Main Controller

12 Months


3 Months


12 Months


3 Months


12 Months

Camera/ Gimbal Unit

6 Months





*Warranty Period starts from the date of the original retail purchase




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