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DJI Inspire 1 TB48 Extended Battery 5700mAh


  • $339.00

ATTENTION: Due to new transport laws and regulations, we will no longer be able to ship DJI TB48 batteries via Australia Post, as they exceed 100Wh. The shipping cost shown by the shipping calculator for the TB48 batteries will not be valid, and this item does not qualify for Free Shipping together with a drone. Please contact us for a custom quote to find the cheapest available alternative. The more batteries you place on order, the cheaper the shipping cost will be per battery.


  • Capacity: 5700mAh
  • Max flight time: approximately 22 minutes
  • Only compatible with the Inspire 1 Series

Get more flight time from your Inspire 1 by bringing along extra Intelligent Flight Batteries. With built-in charging and capacity sensors for safe use, each TB48 battery gives you up to 22 minutes of flight time.

When in flight, your remaining battery power is shown live, letting you know how long you can continue to fly. 
Advanced algorithms calculate the distance of your aircraft and estimated time to return home, letting you know when it’s time to fly back.

The battery reports the voltage of each cell, the total lifetime charges and discharges, and the overall health and battery status. All this helps you keep your Inspire 1 in the air and flying.

LED indicators tell you remaining battery capacity or charger status. They are visible from the exterior of the aircraft.

Note that this battery has such a large capacity that it may require special handling for airline travel and shipping.


  • Name: Intelligent Flight Battery 
  • Model: TB48 
  • Capacity: 5700 mAh 
  • Voltage: 22.8 V 
  • Battery Type: LiPo 6S 
  • Energy: 129.96 Wh 
  • Net Weight: 670 g 
  • Operating Temperature Range: -10 to 40° C 
  • Storage Temperature Range: Less than 3 months: 20 to 45° C 
  • More than 3 months: 22° to 28° C 
  • Charging Temperature Range: 5° to 40° C 
  • Max Charging Power: 180 W

High capacity for up to 22 minutes of flight time
Four LEDS display both the status and the remaining power of the battery
Integrated power management and balanced charging capability
Smart charge/discharge functionality helps to protect your battery
Easy slot-in design for fast charging and installation/removal
ATTENTION: Travelling with Lithium-Ion Batteries

Please check your airline requirements for travelling with lithium batteries (applicable to TB47 and TB48), the below is for general reference only.

In general 
Spare batteries are allowed as carry-on ONLY, and must be individually protected to prevent short circuits. Battery installed in personal electronic devices can be transported as checked baggage. 
Lithium-ion batteries that contain a maximum of 160 watt-hours per battery are permitted (TB48 is 129 watt hours). 
Batteries not installed in a device (spares) must be in carry-on baggage and no more than two (2) spares between 100 and 160 watt hours are allowed.

Note: Because of the built-in smart circuitry, this battery should only be used with chargers designed specifically for it. General-purpose RC chargers are not suitable.

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