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GoalZero Guide 10 Plus Kit with Nomad 7


  • $179.00

The Guide 10 Plus Kit is one of our leading solar chargers, just as seamless in a suburban environment as it is ascending the slopes of Everest. Charge the Guide 10 Plus from the Nomad 7 Solar Panel in just 4 hours or any USB power source in 6 hours. Once charged, use as a single power pack to refuel USB devices, such as smartphones, or remove the batteries to power AA/AAA devices, such as GPS devices and headtorches. When you need a one-stop shop solution for all your handheld devices, the Guide 10 Plus is the perfect accessory.

The rugged, extremely tough Nomad 7 Solar Panel features monocrystalline technology and market-leading efficiency rates for rapid recharging of any AA or AAA NiMH batteries. It is also able to charge USB & 12V cigarette socket devices direct, useful if you simply want to refuel your gear in the sun.

Key Features
  • Refuel a smartphone as fast as the wall
  • Charge devices directly from the Nomad 7 Solar Panel
  • Versatile charging allows you to refuel USB, AA/AAA and 12V cigarette socket devices
  • Battery Capacity: 11Wh, 2300mAh (4.8V)
  • Solar Capacity: 7W (8-9V)
  • Weight: 1.41 lbs (641 g)
  • Ideal for: Phone, GPS, Headlamp
  • Recharge by: USB, Solar Panel
  • Kit Includes: Guide 10 (power) & Nomad 7 (solar)

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