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GoalZero Rock Out 2 Solar


  • $169.00


With one-touch Bluetooth paring, you can easily connect the Rock Out 2 Solar for the perfect hands-free solution. It also has a built in Microphone so it can be used as a handfree speaker phone! Rock Out 2 Solar has a weatherproof outer shell, fabric-lined pocket to keep your gear safe. The DarkBass™ chamber provides deep, precise sound without the bulk and it is chainable with other Rock Out Speakers for a bigger, louder party. Rock Out 2 Solar Speaker has a highly efficient monocrystaline solar panel to ensure your music plays all through the day, and even when the sun sets, an advanced 800mAh lithium battery continues the amplifying your tunes for over 10 hours on a single charge.

Key Features

  • Recharge by: USB, Solar 
  • Run Time: 10+ Hours 
  • Recharge Time: 2 Hours 
  • Durability: Weatherproof
  • Chainable: Yes
  • Ideal for: Guide 10, Switch 8, Nomad 7

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