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GoPro Tool Thumbscrew Wrench


  • $14.00

The GoPro Tool Thumbscrew Wrench is a great accessory for any GoPro user to own. The Tool allows you to tighten the thumb screws to keep your camera safe and secure when performing high speed, high-vibration aactivities. The GoPro Tool is ideal for any situation; from skydiving to surfing and gives you that little bit extra torque to make sure the screws are on tighter, which you cannot do with just your hands. It is ideal for mounting your camera using different extension arms and when the weather makes it difficult to use your hands to perform nimble actions. The Tool also doubles as a bottle opener which makes a hard day of filming and fun perfect, when you can open up a refreshing drink at the end.

Tech Specs of the GoPro Tool:

  • Tighten GoPro thumb screws better than by hand
  • Keeps camera secure from tilting during high speed and high-vibration activities
  • Perfect to use when mounting the camera
  • Perfect to use when it gets too cold to use your hands to tighten the screws
  • Doubles as a bottle opener
  • Can be attached to gear or on person

What’s in the Packaging:

  • 1x GoPro Tool

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